Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Designing with Hexagons in EQ7

I've gotten questions! How do you design with hexagons in EQ7? How about a little tutorial!

I'm very new to EQ, so I'm still on a learning curve. But here's what I've figured out so far….

1. Open EQ7 and create a new project/name.

2. Click the Layout tab (at bottom of screen).

3. Click (at top of screen) Quilt ---New Quilt---One Patch Quilt

4. A small window will pop up:
    Under Patch Style, select either Hexagon (H) or Hexagon (V).  The H and V orient the hexagon      
    with either an edge or a point aligned upward.
    Now you can adjust the edge length of the hexagon and the layout size.

5. Click Layer 1 (at bottom of screen).

6. Use the paintbrush tool (on right side of screen) to color in hexagons.

I really hope this helps! It took me days to get to this point, and now it seems so easy.


  1. lucky you have EQ7 you certainly did a good job with the bird

  2. This is SO useful - have been really struggling trying to work this out - thankyou!


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