Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hex Bugs?

Even McDonald's has the Hexie Bug! Literally! Interesting... I almost got a Happy Meal just to see what these bugs are all about.

I went with Daughter 1 Saturday on a little road trip to shop for some recliners for her new home. Look at this rug I saw - isn't it amazing?! It's made of men's neckties. LOVE it! But I wouldn't want to walk on silk ties and I wouldn't trust Cooper around this. So it didn't come home with me. But it did give me a few ideas…

I'm hexing away around here - pictures coming later. I started working on my new magazine software yesterday.  I'm dedicated the morning to watching the how-to videos that come with it. This afternoon I'll go to my small sewing group and hexie away a couple of hours with friends.


  1. My oldest son loves Hex Bugs. . . .You're better off not knowing what they're all about. They're tiny, and electronic, and skitter around the house just like real bugs. Ick :-) So excited about the new magazine!

  2. Now I will have to get a happy meal to check out the hex bugs for sure.
    I couldn't walk on a silk rug. And my dog on it? I don't think so.

  3. My cats would love the hexi bugs by the sound of it lol
    That rug is far too nice an idea to walk on! It deserves being hung on a wall!
    I saw on old mag from 2011 last week and in a living room picture in it was a poufe, covered in 'roses' like that, except they were made out of a voile-y fabric.
    The poufe was way too girly for my taste but the design idea was as intriguing as this rug.
    It got me all fired up with ideas too lol but ties, didn't come into any of them!


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