Thursday, September 25, 2014

Why? Why? Why?


So why? Why do I want to start a magazine? At 54 years old? I get these questions…

I've been quilting for 20 years, Or a bit more. I've written 3 quilting books. I've taught lot of classes. Etc.

I absolutely adore quilting. How can I even put it in words? Quilting is so much more than a hobby for me… for many of you probably, too. It's my outlet, my passion, my art, my life. And after all these years, I'm realizing what my favorite bits of my quilting life actually are.

I love to share ideas. I love to make quilts. I love to reach out to people with my ideas and quilts. Plain and simple.

It takes me about a year to make enough quilts (10-12) for a book. Rush, rush, rush! Then people (hopefully) buy the book and I may (or may not) hear about how they like it. Though I'm very proud of each and every book (MORE Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts coming soon!), I'm ready to slow down and actually take my time during the quilt making process. 

I'll be making ONE spectacular quilt over the course of the next year. Hexies, of course! I'll present a section of the quilt in each magazine issue so you can follow along and make it too, if you wish. What fun it will be to relax over this quilt! I'll also be making smaller hexie projects to share.

About teaching. ..I love to teach classes! BUT. ..I like to be home in the evenings with my hubby. Don't get me wrong, I do like to travel, but not all the time. And so, I'm cutting way back on traveling to teach.

The magazine (Hexie Love, of course) will allow me to do all the things I love from home. I can enjoy the process of making quilts. I can share my patterns with all of you. I can also share others' work and patterns. I can get your feedback. I'm really excited about this new journey.

About being 54...Whatever. That has nothing to do with anything, does it now? You're only as young as you feel.


  1. I am excited about the new hexie project and especially the magazine. Can't wait to sign up.

  2. Here here!!!! Good on you I say. Age should never be a barrier
    Can't wait

  3. Three cheers for you!!! Hi hip horaay. All the more cheers for being 54 ( great age I might add :)) As I have said before I am addicted to hexies and I love your blog, and the BOM you have so kindly made available to us.

    I absolutely am counting down for the magazine.

    You are an inspiration to us Julia.

  4. why not do what you love and are passionate about? I found a Cute hexie purse tutorial online btw, have a look at my blog :)

  5. Age has nothing to do with having fun and following your passion! I am so looking forward to your magazine and when time permits would like to contribute!

  6. I'm 58 --don't drink or smoke so I do this for enjoyment. Can't wait for magazine--time for something new!

  7. I think it is an amazing idea!!!

  8. Go for it! I'm looking forward to being a subscriber. Do you read Karen's Faeries and Fibre blog? She'd be a great contributor.

  9. you ask why it is for al for your followers who desperately want you to do it!


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