Monday, September 29, 2014

Striped Hexies

Before I get started with the subject at hand…I've had tons of requests for the source of my hexie magnetic board! I got it here!

I LOVE to use striped fabric in hexies! How about you? I like to cut them so that the stripes run from straight edge to straight edge. Then I stitch a hexie flower so that the stripes radiate outward.

I do love this one with its polka dot center!

This flower's give the appearance of stripes though they are segmented.

Here's another example in which I cut the stripes to run point to point. I stitched the flower so that the stripes radiate around the flower. Love this effect!

Show me your striped hexies! Post them on the Facebook page!

Speaking of the Facebook page, I'm wondering if you'd like to post your BOM progress there? I'm working on the October block today!!!!


  1. Yes, would enjoy seeing what others are creating.

  2. Love the striped hexies....I have that Kaffe fabric, will have to try hexies with it.

  3. Stripes I love stripes. As long as they all go in the same direction or inclination, love a stripy hexie. Love the black one.
    I don't have a FB account sorry.

  4. Loving the fussy cut stripes here!


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