Saturday, September 27, 2014

My New Magnet Board

I've been wanting a magnetic board to my studio for over a year. I finally found one I love - hexie shaped, of course! It was yellow, but I spray painted it orange. I hung it yesterday. I've been rearranging the studio a bit - I have more room since I sold my HQ Sweet Sixteen. There's still more work to do to get everything in order. But I'm making progress!

Today was football around here - yes, we went to the game. The weather was gorgeous! It was so nice to have cool breezes and pleasant temperatures.

I think it was good for me to take the day off. Tomorrow I will hexie again!


  1. You can't show us something like this and not tell us where to find one. I love it.

  2. what a great board, you have us all envious of it

  3. A perfect board!
    Fates on your side for sure lol

  4. I need a hexie magnetic board too. So perfect.

  5. Melinda is right, where did you find the hexie board?


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