Monday, September 15, 2014

Painterly Little Art Quilts

One of the classes I taught in Chattanooga was Painterly Little Art quilts. We use snippets and chunks of fabric for our paint. Yes, I had a Star Student who came with her fabric snips and organized in ice cube trays! I'm going to steal this idea…

One of my students worked on a portrait of her husband, whom she lost just 3 months ago. Her little quilt progressed well during our time - when class was over, we all marveled at how she had captured him. She didn't know she was an artist!

And this little landscape - oh, so nice! She didn't lack much when class was over.

This little project came along nicely - some carrots in the ground - very sweet.

Tomorrow I'll share the fabulous quilts from one of the special exhibits.


  1. this looks an interesting technique, I presume the snippets are glued onto the fabric

  2. The class looks awesome!! The ice cube trays gave me an idea for my various feet that don't fit in my machine!!!!


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