Friday, September 5, 2014

My EXCITING News: A Hexie Magazine!!!!!!!!!

I'm SO excited to announce that my "secret project" as of late is developing a new quilt magazine, one that caters to all of us HEXIE lovers!

It's been so much fun bringing HexieLove to life! Here are some things about HexieLove you might want to know:

HexieLove is NOT about hexies made from circles. It's about ALL KINDS of hexies, whether they are EPP, Hickory Nuts, Inklingo, Lucy Boston, stamped, pieced with Y-seams - any kind of hexagon is fair game!

HexieLove will be digital only. You'll be able to read it on your computer, iPad, E-reader, phone, etc.

HexieLove's first issue will be out in January, 2015.

HexieLove will be available for subscriptions in a matter of weeks.

HexieLove will have 6 issues per years.

HexieLove will include:

Featured Artists
The Modern Hexie
Technique Tips
Hexie Products
Put a Hexie on it! (Small projects such as pillows, bags, etc.)
Talk Hexie to me…(Tell me what you think of each issue."
On the Border (Ideas for hexie borders on non-hexie quilts.)
Book Reviews
Special on-going pattern (an amazing hexie quilt - there will be a pattern for a section of the quilt in    
each issue.)
Hexie Inspiration (from fabrics to tile floors)
And PATTERNS! Lots of hexie patterns!

Want to be a contributor? Send me an e-mail! I'm looking for all kinds of articles and patterns. Contributors will be paid!

My hexie e-mail:

I'll let you know when I'm ready to accept subscriptions! Hope you are all as excited about this as I am!


  1. am so excited...want to contribute photos and tips

  2. WOWZERS!!!! I am excited for you and this promises to be loads of fun! congrats!!

  3. Stupendous!! Amazing great news! So happy for you.
    Of course I want to subscribe and yes, I want in. Congratulation!!

  4. Great news!!! I do love Hexies of all kinds.

  5. Fabulous! I can!t wait to get even more inspiration.

  6. this is great news roll on 2015 I am sure we will all get loads of inspiration from a magazine dedicated to all types of hexies

  7. Ohhh have you seen these Ahhhh's, artistic hillbilly hexagons... I can send you pics or link and will send this to Tonya also.

  8. I thought it would be easier to show my pinterest board,
    the single ahhhh's with riley blake fabrics have been turned into a quilt already (kept the quilt a secret)

  9. What fabulous news!
    I shall of course subscribe to it and by all means use the hexi tiles in the bathroom picture off my blog. Ive never seen hexi tiles in any of the posh houses!
    Good luck : )

  10. This is so exciting - I can't wait to get the first issue (of course I will subscribe). The girls in Hexie club will be thrilled!

  11. Very exciting. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to Hexie Love's release.

  12. Such exciting news! It is going to be wonderful to have a magazine devoted to this wonderfully versatile shape!

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  14. I can't wait!! Bring on the subscription!!!

  15. Looking forward to reading the first issue!

  16. Es una gran idea para las enamoradas de la hexies

  17. so happy to hear about the magazine, but a suggestion: could you change the the color of the print on this website? it is very difficult to read turquoise font against the dark peach background.

  18. Cant wait. About time someone thought of this.


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