Friday, September 12, 2014

Chattanooga Report

Today was my full day class on HexieMania! What fun we had! This quilt is going to be gorgeous!

And I love this student's striped effect - pretty colors, no?

I had a mother/daughter team in class today. They worked together to make one quilt using fabulous Kaffe Fassett prints. They had matching dachshund tattoos - LOVE!

Did you know there was a baby squirrel at the Chattanooga show today?  Don't worry, it wasn't on the loose! It was nicely tucked away in a box in a tote bag on someone's arm. Who does this belong to? I'll never tell!

I enjoyed being part of the Author's Roundtable this evening. I met other AQS authors - always fun! The moral of the presentation: if you've got an idea for a quilty book, SUBMIT it! You never know….


  1. Sweet Delila squirrel! Such a Good traveler!

  2. This is the first hexi quilt I have seen with hexies so big! Love it! I invite you to link to Hexie Weekend so others can see these.

  3. Loved your class I had so much fun, even though I was having problems with my eyes. (new bifocals) I will send you a picture of Baby Bonnie's Binkie as soon as it is completed. Hopefully her Mother and Daddy will let me photograph her on the quilt.


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