Sunday, August 31, 2014

Football Season is HERE!

When you live in a college town (and you are an alumna of said university), you go to all the football games. College football is (by far!) my favorite spectator sport. Here's the view from our seats this season. Now hubby also loves to go to softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, anything with a ball involved. But football is the best! Yesterday we had extreme heat, then lightening which stopped the game for about 45 minutes in the third quarter. We decided not to wait it out - we walked to our car and drove home to see the rest on TV. Glad we did because when the game resumed, the rain started pouring down.

We had lots of good friends in and out, some staying over night. What a fun weekend! And one more day to go - yay! Tomorrow we're going to the lake for a bit to let Cooper swim and to pick up some things. Yes, I'll take my hexies with me in my nice little tackle box! I may need to cut more fabric and paper pieces in the morning.

Are you ready for the September block? I know many of you are based on our Yahoo group! I won't forget to post the pattern as soon as I wake up.


  1. Glad you had a nice day outing! We have had a quiet Labor Day weekend here and it is so hot and humid --more like July than September--that we are in the AC (thank heavens for it!) We are Red Sox fans {SIGH} --not a contending year for sure--but we still enjoy watching the games on tv. I was sewing hexies again when my LH thumb gave out and have to stop handwork for a bit until it rests. Nice to see friends and do things together isn't it? Enjoy your Monday--hugs, Julierose

  2. So much fun!! My hubby watched some of the games on Saturday. He was disappointed that the Gators game was cancelled due to lightning.


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