Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy Hexie Weekend!

Hello, hello! I hope you are having a very wonderful weekend! I am, though am oh, so busy! I'm making this little quilt as fast as I can - can you see a hexie peaking out there? Can't show anymore than this - it's a contest entry and it can't be published yet. The due date is later this week - keep you posted. I'm sewing the binding tonight!

Lots more hexie quilty goodness going on around here…much news to share soon…I do think you'll all like it…I hope so!

Here's my big lug, Cooper, taking a nappy on his very own big ottoman. I bought it on Craigslist and slipcovered it with some washable denim. It makes us both very happy. He has his own spot and I can keep his spot clean. It washes up nicely in the washer and dryer.

My mother (84 years young) is visiting us this week. I told her I had to do a bit of work while she's here, and she doesn't mind a bit. I put a comfy chair in my sewing room so she can sit with her feet up while I sew. Or we can sit together in the living room (with hubby) while I do computer work or hand sewing. Because she's here, our daughters and SIL have been visiting often - family time! So I'm getting a lot done and she's very happy to be here! Everyone wins! Tomorrow I'm taking her to visit a distant relative who has moved here recently. And we have a few other errands planned to get some of her wants taken care of.

Have a happy hexie week!


  1. Cooper looks really happy with is Ottoman! Love the colours you use for your hexie quilts.

    Kind regards,

  2. It's always fun when Mom visits. Know it will be the same for you. So curious about you contest hexie quilt. Look forward to seeing it. I invite you to link to Hexie Weekend, so others can come by and see what's going on at Hexie Blog.

  3. Thank you so much for picking my card as one your winners from the teddies challenge, it is such an honour.
    Thank you for all your hard work in making the challenge so successful, it's a shame that the challenge is ending but I can totally understand your reasons and wish you all the best.
    Sue xx


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