Friday, August 15, 2014

Issues with the Sun

Oh dearie me! I've had e-mails from a few people who are making the BOM. They said their sun turned out too big to fit on their 15.5" background square. I hate that some of you are having problems.

I laid a measuring tape on mine to show that mine does fit. I'm not sure why some suns are bigger than others when they all measure one inch per side.

As for solutions, here are some suggestions that I've heard from you guys:
1. Let the end hexies on the sun overlap onto the sashing.
2. Make the hexies on the end a bit smaller (3/4" sides).
3. Make the sun center smaller.
4. Leave off the last hexie on each sun ray.

So sorry for this issue. I hope you will all get creative to make yours work!

Hexie on!


  1. I wonder if the people who are having trouble with the sun may have cut their background squares at 15 inches instead of 15.5 inches?

  2. No definitively cut my background squares at 15.5 inches. But what I did was leave a hexie off at opposing sides so it would fit, therefore I still have four long prongs and two shorter ones, you can see in my picture on the Hexie blog. sort of looks ok.

  3. PS i thought it was just me, am glad in a way that others were experiencing issues, (not meaning to sound nasty) as I took mine away with me to work on.

  4. mine too has come out bigger although each hexie measures 1", I have yet to do them onto the backing and have not even bought it yet so will just make the blocks bigger to accomodate this one that has gone wrong