Monday, February 20, 2017

Zippered Bags

I finished stitching up my first little zippered bag - once I figured out that pesky zipper problem, it was smooth sailing. I love these little bags and can think of so many uses for them.

The name of the Craftsy class where I learned this is:

Zippered Bags With a Twist: The One-Zip Way
with Joan Hawley

While I was feeling crafty, I tried my hand at making a bowl cozy. I'd seen these on Pinterest and they are simple to make. The purpose of these is for warming soup (etc.) in the microwave. With the little cozy around the bowl, you won't burn yourself when removing the hot bowl from the microwave. I used the instructions found HERE.

Here it is bottom up.

And then I made another type of zippered bag from the Craftsy class. Did you notice that the zipper pull doesn't match the zipper here? This technique allows the maker to swap out the zipper pull to combine colors in fun ways. I also add a bit of ribbon on the side to grab while zipping the pouch.

Later in the day I made another little pouch, like the first one. So three pouches and one bowl cozy. I'd like to make several of each of these items to have on hand for quick little gifts. I'll have fun picking out some fun fabrics from my stash to make these.

Last night I started another little bird. Just a bit more appliqué for me to do and then I'll be ready for the fun embellishment and embroidery.

So today is machine quilting day - let's see how far I can get working on Bliss. I also need to make bread - my supply went faster because I gave away one loaf. So cheers to baking and Bliss!

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my painting from yesterday's post! I'm anxious to start another one - I'm thinking that when I finish En Provence, Wednesday may become my painting day.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love your zipper bag and bowl...I did learn a tip where you sew just one side of a zipper all the way around then slide the zipper pull onto both great. Not sure if that's what they showed you. I always have to stop and THINK when sewing this way. HA

  2. I love those bags, too--the first time I made one, I had the pattern but hadn't watched the Craftsy class. There is a bit of a learning curve on getting the tabs back on the zipper, but once you get it, it's genius! I love them and have given them as gifts. Isn't it amazing how fast time goes when you're retired?


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