Saturday, February 11, 2017

One Hexie...

Here's the story of one lone hexie. Yes, I spent hours yesterday making one hexie. One hexie that will be the center of the next star. I started by fussy cutting a bee and appliquéd the bee circle to a honeycomb background.

Inspired by my Sue Spargo birdies, I decided to do some hand stitching around the circle.

Then I basted the honeycomb fabric around 1" hexie paper.

Now how about another circle? The hexie was appliquéd onto a bigger circle of fabric.

And the circle was appliquéd on gold honeycomb fabric, which was basted around a 2" hexie paper. And yes, more perle cotton hand stitching was done around the bigger circle.

I know it doesn't seem like much progress, but I sure had fun making it. It's about the journey - I'm in no rush.

Craftsy is having sale on classes - I purchased a little zippered bag class yesterday and watched some of it while I stitched - and now...I can't wait to get more supplies to make more bags! I learned some really cool zipper techniques!

It's Saturday! And I think we're getting out for a bit. There's a market in town today - artists and local fare - sounds like fun. And maybe we'll get lunch or dinner out? We'll see.

I'll be stitching something later, but I'm not sure what yet...we'll see what the day brings. Have a great one!


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