Friday, July 29, 2016

Yes, Hexies Happened...But Also Food Adventures

I think I mentioned that hubby and I have been watching The Great British Baking Show. Hubby is not a cook - I do all the cooking, but he does grill out and he can scramble an egg. But even he has been intrigued by this show. In one of the episodes the contestants made baguettes and we were determined to try to make some.

We worked together through the morning on this little project. And they turned out perfectly!

And for dinner we hit a local food truck that a good friend had recommended. We came home with lots of well seasoned boiled shrimp.

Man, it was good! I couldn't eat even half of mine and hubby didn't do much better, so we have plenty of leftovers.

We're up early this morning - have to hit the road for Birmingham for the day. We're attending a small luncheon to celebrate hubby's retirement. And then we're going with hubby's family to his father's oncology appointment.  It will be a long day with both happy and sad moments.

There will be hexie photos soon, I promise! They ARE happening behind the scenes.


  1. I love watching that show. Truthfully my hubby is a better cook than I am, but we both love to watch the cooking shows. Especially the ones with ideas that work ;-)

  2. LOVE that show. Been watching seasons of it on YouTube. Very impressed with your bread making skills.

  3. YUM!!! Hope all is well with 'reports'


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