Saturday, July 30, 2016


MISSING: One 14" long baguette, nicely browned and crusty. Last seen on kitchen counter at 8 am Saturday morning, inside a brown paper bag on kitchen counter. 

Witnesses in the home were distracted by vacuuming (hubby) and basting hexies (me).

Clues: Two small pieces of brown paper bag were found under our bed.

The suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty. But we all know he's GUILTY!


  1. Such a face...How could he be guilty?

  2. How funny! Had a cat once who ate out the middle of a cake on the counter! Needless to say after that we only had cats in the barn! If my dogs could get on the counter they would have shared that bread with each other! HA

  3. Oh my! We had a cat that would eat through a plastic bag to get at a loaf of bread. We finally had to get a breadbox since it seemed cheaper than continually buying bread or an eventual visit to the vet. Little stinkers that steal your heart, aren't they?

  4. He looks innocent to me. Too sweet to be guilty. Although I had a dog that ate several pounds of fresh fish, before I could cook it for a large group dinner one evening.

    Very cute post. I wonder if the suspect would like some butter?


  5. But mom! it just fell off the kitchen table and I just had to eat since you wouldn't because it touched the floor, so you should really thank me for taking care of it!!


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