Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 4th...one day late

I had been planning a nice July 4th post with a picture of this FINISHED quilt. Well...I couldn't find my stitch regulator attachment to do free motion quilting. I looked and looked. Hubby looked and looked. It will turn up eventually - may be in a box in storage.

And so...straight line quilting! I finished the quilting yesterday. Today I'll press, trim, and bind. So hopefully I'll have a finished quilt tomorrow.

We had a nice, quiet day yesterday. We (mostly hubby) potted more flowers, hung a hummingbird feeder, and also hung our bicycles to get them out of the way. Today hubby is mounting a flag bracket on the house - yes, we'll be a day late on hanging a flag. But better late than never!

Last night we grilled out burgers and corn on the cob. And finished off the meal with a White Almond Texas Sheet Cake - yum!

Today our building superintendent is coming by to work on more Punch List items.

It's a bit cloudy today! We're are hoping for RAIN! We haven't had rain in weeks and really need it. Fingers crossed!


  1. Hope you find it! White Almond Texas Sheet Cake - yum! Did you add almond extract and almonds to the basic recipe? I've only had the chocolate one and it is divine. Praying for rain for both of us.

  2. Sounds like you are settling in. Hopefully you will find that stitch regulator. The straight line quilting looks great.


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