Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The R Word...Times 2!

Here is Cooper, lying in the sun on a little dachshund bed - haha! He doesn't quite fit...

Did you figure out why hubby has been on vacation for four straight weeks? He's retiring!!!! Officially his last day is July 31 but he had enough vacation to stop working a few weeks ago. YIPPEE!

And now you may understand more why I stepped away from Hexie Love, the magazine. We've known for several months that his retirement was coming soon. And by golly, I wanted to be by his side in all the fun.

Bliss came out yesterday! No photos yet, but trust's looking great!!!


  1. Good for you both!!!! Enjoy this time together!!!! You're creating family memories!!!! Coop looks adorable!!

  2. Oh wow, how wonderful to be able to spend time together. Enjoy the retirement years.

  3. Congrats on your hubby retiring. Mine has 4 more years and we are counting down the days!


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