Sunday, July 31, 2016

Basting Hexies!

Yesterday morning I made great progress on the next section of Bliss! Curved hexie papers - cut! Fabric - selected! Basting - done!

I worked with some Cotton and Steel yesterday. Don't you LOVE Cotton and Steel?

This is the fabric I ordered for the backing for my Lollypop Trees quilt. I saw from the tracking info that it was delivered to our mailbox yesterday. In our new neighborhood we have a mail station just down the street and around the corner. We combine Cooper's late afternoon walk with getting the mail. I couldn't wait for that walk! I was an eager beaver - so happy to have this package!

Today I think I'll baste the Lollypop Trees row and be ready to quilt!!!

Some of you have asked for updates on my mom and my FIL. I'm happy to report that my mother is doing great! She has been having physical therapy which had made her stronger and she feels great now. And she's making lots of new friends in her assisted living.

My FIL is not doing as well - his doctor's appointment was as expected - the cancer has metastasized. There is another appointment later this week with a radiation specialist...

I hope you find time to sew today - I certainly will!


  1. Prayers for your FIL! So sorry....glad your mom is doing well...look forward to seeing more progress on the Lollypop quilt!

  2. Sending prayers for all of you in these difficult times. Love that Kaffe fabric. I'm trying to figure in my head how you baste curvy hexies. Is this like reverse applique with clipping on inner curves?


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