Saturday, July 9, 2016

Let's Fly Our Flags!

These are tough times in our country. Lots of sadness and rage. I choose to do something positive. We are flying our flag. And trying to perform random acts of kindness. Fly your flag!!!!

So where have I been the last few days? No, not on a plane....

Hubby has been on vacation for the last week - and we stayed SO busy! Wednesday we ran over to the lake to pick up a utility trailer. Thursday we left at the crack of dawn to Augusta. My favorite part of the drive is near the Atlanta airport - watching the jets take off and land.

We spent 3 hours working on cleaning out mom's apartment. We broke down a bed, cleaned out a closet, rolled up rugs, etc., etc. We loaded up two pieces of furniture on the trailer to bring home, along with boxes and boxes of photo to sort.

Then we went to visit Mom for a bit and take her the little patriotic quilt for her door. (So she's flying her flag, too!)

We knew it would be a LONG day, too long to leave the dogs unattended. And so they came along! Mickey rode in my lap in the front seat, of course. Cooper was content in the backseat. The were so good! And we're glad to know we can take them on a long road trip.

Friday we spent the morning rearranging furniture to make the "new" pieces fit. The "new" pieces are antiques my parents collected when they were young. Then in the afternoon some Birmingham friends were in town and came by for a visit. Next up was a manicure and then grocery shopping - didn't get home until 7:30 pm.

Today will be relaxing and fun! I'll be SEWING!!! Yay!!!


  1. So glad puppies got to go with you! I hate leaving mine as well so I plan ahead to either have hubby stay with them or we aren't gone more than 4-5 hours...usually only 3! HA My friends all know I can't stay long with them! But I always make time for a glass of wine or margarita with them! HA

  2. Sounds like a very busy day. Glad the dogs could come with you and that they did well. Are you almost done with your Mom's apartment clear out? It took me so long to get my Dad's apartment cleared out and his storage space. And he still had his house. Oh my. I need to get a flag holder for my new house so I can get that flag out.


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