Thursday, July 28, 2016

Let's Hexie!

It's so good to be working on BLISS again! Yay! I pressed the first three parts and laid them out on the driveway to photograph. Today I'll be glue basting curved hexies!!!!! That makes me smile....

We're almost a month in on hubby's retirement.

Here are my observations so far...
-We enjoy doing things together. Yesterday that entailed (hubby's suggestion) going to the mall to walk since it's too hot to spend much time outside. We both came home with a couple of new pairs of shorts. Then it was a trip to the carwash (hubby's suggestion) to get my car cleaned (cool soap patterns on window above...), and a Chik-Fil-A sandwich.
-He loves to vacuum! He's taken over this job completely and even mops the floors when needed.
-He loves to snack - need to keep a supply of snack items on hand.
-He's beginning to get more interested in cooking - this morning we're making baguettes for lunch.
-He cannot wait until the weather cools off so he can get out on the golf course!

I hope you make time for hexies today!!!


  1. Your blocks are beautiful. I wish I could have gotten in on the trend to make these blocks. I have looked for the patterns and they are out of print. Hopefully they decide to reprint some of the books on this. Enjoy retirement. Chris

  2. As I said before...enjoy your time together!!!! So great you have things you can do together. I can't get my hubby off the recliner or golf course!!! Oh well!!!


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