Saturday, July 23, 2016

Wings and Hourglass Units

Late yesterday afternoon hubby and I took my car for an oil change and tire rotation. We decided to grab dinner while we were out. Wings became popular at a time in our lives that we were home with little kids - we never really got into them. So now we are discovering them! They were SO GOOD and we will definitely pick these up again before long!

I pulled out some of my newly cut quarter square triangles yesterday and made my first hourglass block. Fun!

I'm digging into my boxes of 2.5 inch strips to make these, using the Companion Angle ruler to cut the pieces.

Before I knew it, I had four little blocks sewn together!

Later in the evening hubby went out to work in the yard just before dark. (It amazes me how much time he spends working in the yard when our yard work is now done for us!) He moved some plants around, even after dark!

So anyway, I took that time to slip back into my sewing room to make more units. I was thinking I might name the quilt, "Stolen Moments" - because I plan to work on it at times like this.

Made another one! But then I decided I might name the quilt "What Did Cooper Steal While I Was Sewing?" While making the next block, Cooper wandered around the house doing his usual thievery - 1 moist towelette (from the wings), 4 bathroom cups, 1 drink koozie.  I found them in a pile in the living area.

This will obviously be a very scrappy quilt! What fun!

Today we hope to make it to the pool - it's been over a month and my body really misses that activity.

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  1. Your Cooper stories crack me up. That's a great name for your quilt, as is your first idea.


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