Wednesday, July 13, 2016

This, That, and the Other...

Here's the 'chemo hat' I made over the weekend. Cute, huh? The pattern is free and can be found HERE. It's Milly's Tie Hat - very easy to make! I'm making another later this week for my second friend with breast cancer.

Here's what's going on in our neighborhood this week! Our golf course is hosting a major PGA event. It's all very exciting. We have to have a parking pass just to get to our own home for the next several days. I haven't beens swimming in a few weeks, but this is NOT the week to go. Golfers and their family will be staying at the Marriott and I'm sure the pools will be crowded.

Hubby will be volunteering on Thursday and Friday on the course. He has to go for his second round of training today.

So this was my birthday dinner - just what I wanted! Burger, fries, and side salad. YUM!

So what are you doing today? I have an appointment with the DMV - must get my Driver's License renewed. My appointment is for 9:30 this am and I have to take SO many documents with me in order to get the Star license, so I can travel by plane within the US without a Passport - this new rule takes place next year, I think.

And then I need to get Odyssey shipped off to Paducah for the Grand Rapids show next month. Maybe some sewing will happen, too - hope so!

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  1. So busy!!! Sounds like some excitement, if you can get through the traffic and the crowds. :)


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