Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tah....DONE! The Watermelon Quilt!

I finished this little quilt yesterday. These are fun and I can finish them quickly. I designed it, but I got LOTS of inspiration from other quilts on Pinterest. I started by sewing the watermelon squares together, then I freeform cut the watermelon.

I've already decided that the September quilt will have a football theme, but I'm giving myself a break before I start it.

So Cooper...he ate half a pan of cornbread yesterday. And I didn't even realize it until I was preparing our dinner last night. Guess I need to make another batch...and guard it with my life. Ha!

Today I think I'll get out Bliss and see what's next on it. And maybe I'll dig out a UFO... I'm also interested in Bonnie Hunter's new Leader and Ender challenge - I've always wanted to make an hourglass maybe I'll cut some pieces for that, too.

Hubby is still on vacation. We've been busy with so many odds and ends, including lots of paperwork...more on that soon. His father's cancer is back (or maybe it was never gone?), so that's kept our minds occupied. We'll be attending his next oncologist appointment with him next week to see what comes next. And so it goes...

Make it a great day!!!


  1. Ever so cute. Are you going to offer the pattern, or make us free form our own?

  2. The watermelon mini is so cute. I love that you pieced the watermelon and I really love the bite out of it. :) I am sorry to hear about your father in law, I hope there is a good treatment plan for him.

  3. prayers and good thoughts for your FIL!!! Watermelon quilt is SO cute! Nicely done

  4. The quilt is adorable. I really like the squares piecing the watermelon part. I'm sorry your FIL's cancer is back, but I hope it won't take much to chase it off again.


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