Sunday, November 29, 2015

You Knew I Would, Didn't You?

I'M IN! Yes, I'm doing the Bonnie Hunter mystery, despite the fact that I said I'd NEVER make another one after finishing Celtic Solstice. Hmmm....

I'm sewing it on my Featherweight which, as you remember, is in our living room. I can sew in snippets of time, while I wait for the oven to beep, or a load of laundry to finish. I'm not in any rush this time - don't care how long it takes!

Oh, and one more thing I'm doing...
Bonnie's pieces are a bit small for me. So I'm upsizing it a bit. Instead of cutting the first clue strips at 2', I cut mine at 2.5". I'll cut each clue accordingly. So... I won't need as many of each clue. In the end, I know I'll have some leftover bits and that's okay too. I'll use them to make table runners. I think I have a good plan!

So what's on the list for today?
I need to baste some hexies - always fun and relaxing.
I'll be stitching on the February 2016 BOM. (Yes, finished with January!)
AND I'll be working on the Jan/Feb 2016 issue of Hexie Love!

And the boring stuff:
Dirty dishes


  1. I'm lucky I can finish our online challenge every two months. Hate having a monthly deadline...and I always have some work on exhibits to do. BUT I am thinking of another hexie piece. Just can't get enough of those having hand work to do!!

  2. he he, you can always make it smaller. I;m doing about 1/4 size for a baby quilt


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