Monday, November 30, 2015

Flying Hexies!

The hexies were flying around here yesterday! I got so much done and I love a productive day. Hopefully today will be another one!

Do you follow Hexie Love Open Studio on Facebook? If not, you missed this! SC finished her Odyssey top! Isn't is gorgeous!!! It makes me SO HAPPY to see quilt finished from my patterns! Hexie Love to SC!!!

Yesterday afternoon we clipped the doxie's nails. Oh my, this is always a epic adventure. Prince is not so bad. But Mickey! He cries and yelps and even screams like we are killing him. I was the holder and hubby was the clipper. Let's just say that after that ordeal, my jeans went straight into the wash. Oh my. All's well now and he's forgiven us. FYI, Cooper has his done by the vet.

Have you been Christmas shopping? I've done almost all of mine, mostly on-line. We only give our daughters and their guys a couple of smallish things because they all love to receive MONEY! And that makes shopping easy for them.

Here's wishing you a great HEXIE day!!!

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  1. I did see SC's quilt on FB. AMAZING piece...are those flying hexie's ultra suede?


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