Sunday, November 22, 2015

Football! (Warning: Photo Heavy...)

We did decide to go to the game at the last minute; we compromised: "Let's go, but leave after half time..." Perfect plan!

It was Military Appreciation night - a fabulous display of patriotism!

While the band was on the field for pre-game, we spotting this in the distance.


And closer...

What an amazing flyover!

We had a great time!

And as we left the stadium, we saw a gorgeous sunset!

So glad we went. But we were both exhausted later. We watched the rest of the game on TV and went to bed at 8:30.

Today I have a bit of cooking to do and an errand or two. BUT I'm counting on getting some hexie stitching time later...


  1. What great pics!!! Thanks for sharing...glad you enjoyed at least 'half' of the game...half time looks like it was worth the trip!!

  2. It seems like this game was more than wonderful and was worth of being there even if for a half) Hope you really enjoyed it.