Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It's All About the Baste!

I basted a PILE of hexies last night. Such fun! Today I'll stitch them together. LOVING my new Curved Hexie Ruler!!!!!!

I've been getting some questions about the ruler - so let me try to answer them all here:

1. How much will it cost?

Suggested retail price will be $20.00.

2. Do I have to have the ruler to make BLISS?

No, you don't! BUT, it would make life much easier for you! I'm sure you're aware of other hexie quilt-a-longs in which you must buy expensive, intricately cut paper pieces. For BLISS, there will NOT BE A SOURCE to buy such papers. You can simply buy any 2" hexie papers (or my new water soluble papers) and use the ruler to cut your own papers with a rotary cutter. You'll be using the ruler over and over to quickly cut HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS, of unique curved hexagon designs. The ruler can also be used to cut your fabric. So in the end, an investment of $20 for the ruler will save lots of money in the future in intricate paper pieces.

3. Where will the ruler be available?

Starting in early 2016, the Curved Hexie Ruler will be available on my website, Once production is well underway, I'll place the ruler with a distributer so it will be available in you local quilt store before too long.

Let me know if you have other questions....


  1. Any idea what postage would be to the UK for this please?
    Just got stung with high US postage and then additionally a £15.00 VAT and Post Office handling charges at the UK end - for a blessed pattern I fell in love with lol
    Now have burned fingers!!


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