Thursday, November 12, 2015

Busy Day

Yesterday Daughter 2 had a rare day off. So I joined her to check out a hair stylist (for the wedding) and two florists (again, for the wedding). I got my hair cut while we were there - I think Cooper likes it!

I had gotten up early to sew before we left AND.... (insert drumroll here):
I finished the wedding quilt top! WOOHOO! It still needs a very good pressing and I need to piece the backing fabric, but then it will go to a long arm quilter. It's been a joy to make, but I'm glad to have my design wall back.

Today I plan to work on the December BOM - got to knock that out!! And then I can finish another quilt top!

AND... I'm working on the Jan/Feb issue of Hexie Love - it's going to be a great one!

Okay, now to other issues. I have a big debate going on in my head. Bonnie Hunter's next mystery quilt. You may remember I made Celtic Solstice a couple of years ago. It took me over a year to make and I swore I'd never do another one. But inside my brain, I'm caving. Should I? I probably shouldn't. But I kind of, sort of want to. Hmmm... Here's where I am today: I've pulled the fabric from my stash (her quilts are great stash busters). I'm going to download all the instructions and just do a bit at a time. NO RUSH! At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Thanks for the Featherweight advice. Someone told me to sell them both and someone told me to keep them both. I thought about both options - both are feasible. But in the end, I'm going to do what I had originally planned - keep one and sell one. And I've decided which one to keep (with the help from a friend). Onward!

FIL Update: He was moved from ICU yesterday, but he still has a long road ahead. Again, onward!

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  1. Your haircut looks darling. How nice you had a day to spend with your daughter. I'm at a similar stage with Bonnie's upcoming mystery but I haven't pull anything yet. Continuing prayers for your FIL. Blessings to you all...


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