Monday, November 23, 2015

Ready to SEW!

I picked up my Featherweight from the friend who had been tuning her up. She's sewing great!!!!

I decided I wanted to keep her downstairs - not up in my studio. So hubby and I brought in an antique desk from another room and set her up behind a sofa in the living room. This was my desk when I was growing up. My father traveled overseas a good bit in his career and often bought antiques and had them shipped home. So I think the Featherweight is perfect on the desk!

Did you notice the background in the photo? There is Mickey, peaking out from a quilt in the chair. Prince is buried beneath that quilt. And there is Cooper, taking a little nappy in the other recliner.

I didn't get much, if any, sewing done over the weekend - too busy cooking, watching football, doing laundry, etc. So today I'll get back at my work - yay! I have some computer work to do, also.

We had an exciting night around here last night. We heard a helicopter circling overhead and noticed it was shining search lights all around us. EEK! This went on for about an hour. Turns out the police busted an illegal gambling site not far from out neighborhood and people ran. Whew!

We don't have long to go before I reveal the LAST BOM pattern for 2016! I have had fun with this quilt and hope you have as well. Next year's BOM has a Folk Art feel - you'll love it!

Have a great Monday!


  1. This Featherweight looks great on these antique desk perfectly! Besides I think you've chosen a great place for it, cause it also looks like a design decoration)

  2. I agree with above comment! Doesn't look obnoxious at all! Look like it should be there!!! How nice!!! Happy Thanksgiving...appears Cooper is feeling better!! Good mom!

  3. I love my featherweight, do you know its birthday, if you email singer with the model number they will tell you when it was born!Mine was 1948. It sews the straightest seams ever much more so than my bernina which I had never noticed before being the slightest bit wonky.


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