Saturday, November 14, 2015


Yesterday was one of those crazy, busy days. I never stopped. Last night I realized that I never ate lunch - no wonder I was so hungry!

The wedding quilt has been handed over to the long arm quilter. WHEW! The Featherweight machine I'm keeping was handed over to the person who will work on it ( the long arm quilter).

The December BOM is ready for me to appliqué today.

I worked on the new software.

And so today....
The BOM block will be completed.
More software work.
Orders for some important quilty stuff will be placed.
Some wedding stuff will be accomplished.
Football will be watched.

And so it goes!

Prayers for Paris.
Prayers for my FIL (who had a difficult day yesterday).

Last night the TV was so depressing with all the news reports. I finally watched a sappy Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel. I do love sappy Christmas movies.


  1. A great result to a busy day, we do need distractions from the depressing news.

  2. The TV stayed off this weekend, except for a play on PBS. Carefully chosen podcasts accompany housework time, with some hours from a great classical station. Will go out to hear Mother Nature shortly. Every New Yorker relived 911 when they heard about Paris.


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