Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Flower Petals

Cooper went to the vet yesterday. He needed his shots and he got his nails trimmed. He's been chewing on his feet due to allergies, so he now has pills, ear drops, and a special shampoo. The vet wants me to wash his feet with the shampoo often. So this morning I will attempt that! His pills make him pee a lot, so I had to let him out in the middle of the night, but we both went back to sleep quickly. His weight? Down a couple more pounds! He's officially lost 20 pounds since the vet told me he was overweight. He's now at his goal weight! Yay Cooper!

Here's one of my new projects. I'm attempting to make fabric peonies for the wedding reception centerpieces. Our florist will be doing all the other flowers, but we're doing our own centerpieces for the tables. I hope to completely make one flower today to see how it goes. Each petal is cut from a polyester fabric - then you hold the edges near a candle flame to curl them. Once all the petals are made, they are hand stitched together. Wish me luck!

Yesterday I made lots of progress on next year's progressive quilt, though I've decided I don't like that terminology. Let's call it the 2016 Hexie Quilt-along. I'll be sharing more information about this soon...

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  1. I hope everything is ok with your dog? I'm a great dog lover and I know how can we be sometimes worry for them.


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