Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday Cooking

This is what I've been doing this morning: making a BIG mess in the kitchen!

I'm doing a bit of pre-Thanksgiving cooking: sweet potato casserole, Southern Cornbread Dressing, plus two chicken casseroles, a double batch of brown rice, and fresh rolls. Thankfully, the kitchen mess is now cleaned and I'm sitting for a minute. Though it got cold here last night, I'm roasting from being in the hot kitchen!

Many of you have asked about Cooper. He's feeling much better, thanks! Yesterday I only gave him chicken broth and small servings of pumpkin to eat. He kept all that down, so last night I gave him a bit of shredded cooked chicken breast. He's still doing well today, so I gave him a small serving of dog food. I think he's on the mend. And his itchy feet are much better, too. At this moment, he's sound asleep in hubby's recliner.

We have tickets to the Auburn game, but are still undecided about going. Playing it by ear....

Thanks for all the sweet comments about my new ruler, the water soluble hexie papers, and Bliss. 2016 is going to be fun year!


  1. Glad Cooper is better!! Hate when our fur babies get sick!!! I'll be cooking Thursday then again on Saturday! Woohoo!!! Happy thanksgiving!!!

  2. wow. You cooked nice meals. I'd really lile to try them all. P.s. I always have a bigger disaster in my kitchen while cooking)


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