Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cooking Contest!

My friends know that I have a history with cooking contests. I've entered many of these and I've been pretty successful with them. And so the legacy continues.

Daughter 2 and her fiancé both entered a recipe contest recently. She loves to cook - him, not so much. But they both entered a recipe. And go figure, but his was selected as a finalist! And so this weekend, you'll find him making his blitz bars at the Alabama-LSU football game. Go Michael!

By the way, these bars are delicious! You can read more about the contest HERE. If he wins the region, he'll be going to the Rose Bowl January 1 to compete for the nationals.

I got lots of sewing done yesterday - yay!!!! It's good to get back into the groove again. Life has thrown us so many curve balls lately, so a routine sew day is much appreciated.

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