Friday, November 6, 2015

My Assistant...

When it comes time to photograph a quilt, I'm lucky to have TWO talented amateur photographers in the family. Both hubby and Daughter 1 are always ready to help. Here are a couple of behind the scenes shots of the Odyssey photo shoot.

He does what it takes to get the shots I want - from every angle! Thanks, hubby!

So what's on the agenda today? Hmmm....let's see.
I'll probably work on the wedding quilt a bit - getting close to the finish!
I need to baste some hexies for the December BOM.
And I'll also work on next year's special project - love this one!!!!

And maybe I'll make time to run to the grocery store...


  1. It's always so great to have family support, and how fortunate they are photographers to boot!

  2. You're very fortunate to have them help. It's a gorgeous quilt!!

  3. Great support! And the quilt looks really gorgeous! I love it.


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