Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tie One On

Remember those old neckties I was given a couple of years ago? I pulled them out yesterday and began to take them apart. And yes, I made hexies from them. You knew that would happen, didn't you?  I'll try to do a few each day until I have enough to do a project (which I have already designed).

I also sewed together the June BOM. The appliqué will happen today!

My MIL's surgery (knee replacement) went well. Hopefully her recovery will go well, too.

I may venture to the library today. We watched a movie on Netflix over the weekend that I really enjoyed - The Prize Winner of Defiant, Ohio. It's based on a true story and now I want to read the book. The main character reminds me of! A mother of 10 children helped support her family by winning contests. Now I'm lucky I've never had to help support my family this way, but I did enter a lot of contests when I was younger - before the quilting bug hit.


  1. I had a friend who would win contest after contest! She had great tips (folding envelopes a certain way, etc.). Must have worked as she won lots. I just added the movie to my 'list' on Netflix! Thanks for suggestion!