Friday, May 8, 2015

Ring Around the Hexies

This time the stripes are running around the hexies - do you see that I'm working with some denim in the background? What will this be? I think you'll like it!

And here is sweet Cooper, just back from a vet visit yesterday afternoon. He has allergies and I got him some medicine. He has lost another 8 pounds since his last vet trip a few months ago. In less than a year he has gone from 92 pounds (eek!) to a svelte 74.6! He has reached his goal (thanks to me!) of being just under 75 pounds! So proud of my guy! He was a challenging puppy, to say the least, but all the trouble was so worth it. He's sweet and calm and a joy.

We had had blue birds flitting around our back patio for weeks, but they never settled. Yesterday they finally got busy and starting nesting in the bird bottle.

Happy Friday to you!

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  1. Ahhhhh Cooper is so sweet looking! Kalee had to lose wt too! She also has pancreatitis so diet change helped...she was 21lbs. down to 14.8 and holding! A lot easier to pick up when we visit the nursing homes!


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