Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Oh Where, Oh Where Have I Been....

We went to the lake for a couple of days...ahhhhhh.......a little R and R.

And this week has been crazy busy so far. Yesterday I spotted a snake in the backyard. It isn't venomous, thank goodness. But still, a snake - eeeeekkk!

Today I took a four hour class on Quick Books at my accountant's office. I learned some new things, so that is good.

Tomorrow, I'll be participating in a one hour webinar with Bernina. I think I forgot to mention here that I have been named as a Bernina Ambassador Loyalist. It's a bit different than an Ambassador, but I get to do all the fun things an Ambassador does. Yay me! And I am definitely loyal to Bernina! Love my machine!

No, I didn't go to Spring Quilt Market, though it looks like it was wonderful. I won't miss Fall Market though. I'm still stitching away on my denim project and Odyssey. Hope you're having a happy hexie week!

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