Tuesday, May 26, 2015

31 Years....

Today is our 31st wedding anniversary. We almost forgot this morning, but I remembered to say "Happy Anniversary" right as hubby was heading out the door. No worries since we celebrated all weekend long.

Hubby is headed to Birmingham this morning where his mother is having surgery. He'll get there in time to see her just before she is taken back (hopefully). We pray all will go well and she'll have a speedy recovery. It's always scary when someone in their 80's has surgery.

After I finish my morning coffee, I'll get to work - so many plans today! Hope you have a productive day!


  1. Happy Anniversary, Julia! I was at the same place with my 88 year old mother in December. It was her first surgery ever in her life. She sailed through it. Praying your DH's mother does the same.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Julia!! I am glad you celebrated all weekend. I think anniversaries deserve lots of attention! Hope everything goes well for you DH's mom.

  3. Happy anniversary Julia although I imagine your thoughts will be with your MIL today. I hope all goes well and that she has a very speedy recovery!