Thursday, May 7, 2015

Orange and Purple

I love orange and purple together! The purple looks pink here in the photo for some reason. Anyway, it's a wonderful color combination.

I finally got the pile of hexies stitched together yesterday. Today I'll be working more on this project, along with another. I think much of my work will happen on the back patio. Scout can wander and play to his heart's content!

I saw this old photo from my high school days last night. Can you spot me?

I'm on the front row, second from the right with the looong, blonde hair. Yes, I was in the band and played flute - I was pretty good back in the day.

We are busy fighting little home battles this week. The AC man came Tuesday to fix the upstairs air conditioning. And now? The downstairs air conditioning has a problem. We spent a couple of hours trying to fix it last night (we think it's a clogged drain) to no avail. I think I may have another visit from the AC guy today.

Meanwhile, yesterday's lunch with my newest friend was so fun! We feel like we are kindred spirits and have so much in common. We're the same age, both blonde, and our kids are even the same ages, though her kids are boys. We both have a quilting business. We couldn't stop talking! We're lucky the restaurant didn't kick us out because we stayed so long.

Better run....Scout just arrived and we have some playing to do.

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  1. I, too, like purple and orange. Great combo. As complementary colors they go together so well.
    Enjoying my #3 Hexie Love issue.