Saturday, May 23, 2015


Here are some hexies I'm working on today. Bright and beautiful! And today the weather is bright and beautiful - a lovely day in Auburn. Hubby and I are hanging out close to home today. He's going to do a bit of yard work and I'll do a bit of housework. I'm also hoping to put that Quick Books class to good use - not the most exciting way to spend a Saturday, but it needs to be done...

Yesterday was my last day of Scout sitting. Before he left I had to get a hexie shot of him. He cooperated fully, knowing I had a treat in my pocket. Sit? Sure! Lie down? No problem! Shake hands? I'm on it! He's so smart! He's going to a puppy training class today - I think his classmates will be very impressed and I'm sure he'll be at the head of the class. Go Scout!

Have a happy hexie Saturday!

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