Wednesday, May 20, 2015


"Steamy" is the official weather forecast for today...and 90 degrees F. That does not sound pleasant...especially for the month of May. I will have two fans aimed at me on the back porch today while the doggies play and I stitch.

I'm having a bit too much fun with this piece, I'll admit it. Just when I think I'm almost done, I decided to add a bit more here and there and everywhere. And that's just fine with me. It's not about finishing fast! It's about enjoying the process.

It seems there was a long time period in the world of quilting when it was all about finishing FAST. Projects were designed to be QUICK and EASY - done in a weekend or even a day. I'm so glad that many are now focused on slowing down, making more complicated and intricate designs, taking their time and enjoying the journey. Yay for Slow Sewing!

Did you know that today is my last full day of puppy sitting? My SIL is close to finishing the school year where he teaches/coaches and he will be taking over. After today I'll have him for the morning on Friday and then he'll be at his own home every day. He's been a joy and my dogs have all adjusting nicely to having him around. Cooper, especially, will miss having him around.

Speaking of which, it's almost time for Scout to arrive. I'll wrap this up and get ready for a morning of slow sewing...


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