Thursday, May 28, 2015

Welcome Home!

So glad to have my baby back where she belongs! I got her set up and going yesterday - my first priority of the day. She must have enjoyed her spa visit because she's humming along nicely. I gave her a small workout to piece together a few background units.  #BERNINAUSA

I got the entire June BOM appliqu├ęd to its background. This one is a bit different, but I love it! Today I'll do the perle cotton hand stitching.

I also made more tie hexies - I have a nice pile now!

When I got my new computer a few weeks ago all the info from my old computer was transferred to it. BUT, as often happens, some of my software wouldn't start without my entering the codes from the software. I'm not the most organized person. I'd found the box to my Office software and gotten that going immediately. Yesterday I was determined to find my EQ7 box to re-activate it. I'd already looked in all the usual places. No luck. And then I looked up. There it was on a shelf above the drawer where I typically store software. Yay! EQ7 is up and running. I use it to make diagrams for Hexie Love and to design lots of quilts.

Today's list includes:
1. Perle cotton hand stitching on June BOM
2. Lay out magazine pages for July/Aug issue
3. More tie hexies

And if I can fit it in....some housework. :(

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  1. Just purchased the latest Hexie issue! Now to get a glass of wine and read!!!!