Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Try, Try Again!

Ta dah! Here's the photo I wanted to post yesterday. Isn't this fabric GORGEOUS?! It's an Echino linen I purchased in Houston last fall. I am putting some of it to use today - a Hexie Love project that I think you will LOVE!

The weather here has been nice, so I take my projects out on the covered patio, turn on the ceiling fan and either the TV or the radio. I can comfortably work while puppy Scout plays with my dogs in the yard. Yesterday I taught him to lie down on command. So cute!

I'm working on THREE projects at once this week. I think I'll finish the one above today. If I work hard, I may finish one more today. The other will take a bit more fun work. Are you making hexies today?

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  1. Yes! I'm sewing hexies everyday!!! Even if its just joining two! HA This is my hex horse:
    And now I'm doing the reverse! Making a background of hex's and then placing the cut out horse on top! They are 1" or 3/4" hex's....love hand work! Look forward to seeing what you are doing with that hex fabric! Cool!