Thursday, May 14, 2015

Patio Patchwork

I am spending hours every day on our back patio, watching the puppy play with Cooper. Our doxies aren't that interested in him anymore, so Cooper keeps him entertained. Lucky for me, there is a ceiling fan, and outdoor recliner, and a television to watch while I stitch. Tough life, I know. I am making lots of progress on this little project which seems to be growing into a big project.  I used to watch a cake decorating show and the baker always said,"The more I add, the better the cake looks." Well, that sums up my little/big project. I keep adding more stuff to it - more embroidery, more hexies, more embellishments. And it keeps improving! So I guess I'll keep going. Sometimes, more is more!

Hexie Love reached a milestone today! And that makes me happy!

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