Wednesday, April 15, 2015


The blog hop is officially over! Wasn't that fun?  We took a trip around the hexie world in just over a week! There are still prizes to giveaway though. Don't forget to leave a comment on yesterday's post for a chance to win.

Can I put my feet up and relax now? (Above I'm doing just that with hubby on our patio watching the Masters Sunday - I got eaten up by mosquitoes, but it was worth it!) Well, today I do have my feet up (in recliner), but I'm working on the next Hexie Love issue at the same time. Yes, I can do this in a recliner! Nice work if you can get it....

I only have a couple of more articles to go - laying out the pages, adding the links, adding the photos.
I will say that I'm getting faster and more efficient at this part. And for each issue I'm trying to learn new ways to make it look more attractive and fun. For this issue I've learned to crop photos into both hexagon and triangle shapes - really cool! I love to learn new things!

Here's a random quilt photo from MORE Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts - this one has been pinned a lot recently. It has LOTS of perle cotton hand quilting. The background is denim. Notice how the colors in the hexies flow. That was a fun one to make - lots of scraps here!

So what else was going on around here during the blog hop? Lots! A fun luncheon, a dental appointment, and a colonoscopy for me Friday. Yup, glad that test is over and with good results.
And you may remember I've been working for one hour per day on UFO's - so how's that coming along? Slow.... I've been too busy to do this for the past few weeks. My Bonnie Hunter Celtic Solstice has it's binding sewn on by machine. Still need to hand stitch it down.

I did make a list of other UFO's I want to work on soon - so maybe I get points for that? :)

Today's list includes a trip to the post office to ship a couple of things, and to work on Hexie Love. I want to have the issue ready for my assistant editor (Daughter 1) to check it over the weekend.

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