Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hexagon and Facebook Blog Hop: Victoria Findlay Wolfe!

And the hop continues with a modern quilting superstar! Victoria Findlay Wolfe! Find her post here.

I met Victoria through blogging years ago. But we have met in person at Houston a few times. She is TALL! Very TALL! And very TALENTED!

And yes, with her "made fabric", she makes hexagons! You know I do love hexies no matter how they are made!

Be sure to visit and explore all her books, etc. I just purchased her Double Wedding Ring book and I'm in love with it!

And now let me tell you about Hexie Love on Facebook - yes, we're there, too!

And there is also a Hexie Love page on Facebook for all of you to share your own hexie goodness, whether it be a block of the month, an idea, a favorite tool or fabric, or whatever your hexie heart desires. Here's that link. You'll have to ask permission to join the group, but don't worry - I'll accept you really fast! This group has been growing by leaps and bounds!

I hope you have a happy hexie weekend and don't forget to keep following along with the hop. There are still a few more days to go!

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  1. I just saw Victoria on TV this afternoon with Nancy Z. Lots of talent.