Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Morning Hexies

I love to stitch hexies early in the morning while I drink my coffee. Here's the latest little flower. I do love black and white with a bit of bold color. 

Yesterday was one of those crazy busy days. But it was a good day! Lots of accomplishments. Today's list will be a bit shorter, thank goodness! 

I had the pleasure of seeing Daughter 2 get inducted into Phi Kappa Phi last night. Daughter 1 was inducted years ago when she was a student at Auburn. My girls are SMART!

My doggies are having to spend a bit of time in their crates this morning - I'm expecting a repairman any minute. While he's here, I'll get some computer work done...and some hexies. 

What are you working on today?


  1. Putting together a quilt made from softball jerseys! Waiting on my daughter to get back from California! I've missed her!

  2. Just back from a retreat where I taught a quilter how to make hexies. She's using 2" hexies. She's excited about making more. And I made one from 1" hexies using my tut for sewing a donut (KH's name for petals) continuously without cutting the thread. The tuts on my 4/19 blog post.


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