Sunday, April 19, 2015

Surprise Yourself!

Surprise Yourself is the book written by Charlotte Angotti and Debbie Caffrey. This was the workshop I took yesterday. I wasn't sure what to expect - didn't know exactly what we'd be making. But I'm SO glad I took the class!

Charlotte had us begin by picking our own personal measurement to cut strips.  We made four patches first. Then we made these other units, basing our cutting on the nine patch. NO MATH! She made it so easy. And then we got to play on design walls, designing our own quilts using these units. You'd be surprised how many quilts in the universe contain these units.

Here are a couple of my favorites from Charlotte's quilts.

I haven't had a chance to play with my blocks yet. But I already have an idea to turn this into a hexie quilt....

I highly recommend her as a teacher for your guild. She and Debbie have also started a quilt retreat business together. Later this year the two of them plus Bonnie Hunter will have a retreat in Los Vegas - SOLD OUT. But there will be another next year in another location, I think with Karen Stone.


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  2. Thanks for the plug, Julia!
    It is nice to hear when a student has a good time in my class. There are lots of teachers out there and I always appreciate it when students enjoy my method of teaching. After all, if it wasn't fun why would it be our hobby?
    Hope to see you again a class, at a show or in a quilt shop. :)

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