Monday, April 20, 2015

Hexie Quilt Wins HUGE Award!

We all know Linda White of Dear Prudence fame - she was featured in the current issue of Hexie Love. (If you haven't read this issue, go buy it now here!)

I got an email from her this morning - her quilt, Elenor Jean, (also featured in Hexie Love) won the big prize at the 2014 Australian National Quilt Show. Her award was sponsored by Bernina. You can read more about her experience on her blog here.

Go Linda! So proud of you!

Yesterday we had another rainy day. More is expected this afternoon, so I headed out to run errands this morning. Don't you hate to run errands in the rain? I do!

This afternoon I'll be doing some final corrections on the next issue of Hexie Love. One of my assistant editors told me yesterday how impressed she is with this issue. She commented on the photos, the cool graphics, and how my page design skills have improved with each issue! It made me smile - I think you'll love this issue.

It's the biggest issue yet at 40 pages! And no ads! I think my last book was only about 63 pages. It has more pictures than ever and lots of fun patterns and inspiration.

Don't forget, the coupon sale (15% off) on a subscription for Hexie Love will be over in a couple of days. This will probably be the last time you can get it at this love price!!!

Hexie love to everyone!


  1. Wow! that is a beautiful quilt and different! You have me intrigued about the use of Hexies!

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