Monday, April 27, 2015

Hexies Around the House

If you follow Hexie Love on Facebook, then you have already seen my new hexie vase. I ADORE it! West Elm has similar vases, but they are more expensive. But my PHS (Personal Hexie Shopper) shopped these at Hobby Lobby and sent me a picture. Of course I went the next day to get one! Love, love, love!

Here is our stack-o-doxies in hubby's lap yesterday. I spent a good bit of the day thinking and doing research. I brought the Engineering side of my brain out to play. Oh, I have some cool hexie ideas brewing! Today I need to run out and buy a couple of things to experiment a bit.

My list today is WAY TOO long - many more than my usual 3 things. EEK! A few of the items are just phone calls though. I hope to get back to my regular walking schedule today. I think resting my foot for a couple of days did me some good. Though I DO need some new athletic shoes - that will probably help, too.

There are blue birds nesting in our little bird bottle again this year! I have a perfect view of them from my recliner. We also have little wrens in our blue bird house- haha! They beat the blue birds to it this year. There are doves and cardinals nesting somewhere around here, because they love hanging our on our back trellis. Yesterday I saw Canada geese and a blue heron fly over headed to the lake across the street. I love watching the birds from our windows!

Hope you have a happy hexie day!

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